Show Your Colleagues You Appreciate Them With A Care Box

Show Your Colleagues You Appreciate Them With A Care Box

It goes without saying, but the past two years have been a struggle for many people in a multitude of different ways. Resilience, patience, perseverance are just a few of the skills we’ve all added to our CV, and it’s definitely been an all hands on deck situation. From adding or saying goodbye to team members, being unable to celebrate occasions, connecting with your colleagues has been one of the largest challanges for leaders during this hybrid working move.

According to the latest figures, many people are unhappy in their current role, and there’s one standout reason. So what is it? Low salary, overdue pay review, long hours? You might be surprised to know that it’s actually a lack of appreciation and acknowledgement. A whopping 80% of people feel a distinct loss of connection within their current employment due to company culture. Essentially, people aren’t feeling the love.

With that in mind, at Care Box Collection we believe in showing appreciation, giving thanks, and generally letting those around you know how much you care 365 days of the year. Whether that is with bath salts and face masks or new stationary or herbal tea. Regardless of your budget we can find the perfect corporate gift boxes for you and your team.

With so many people still working from home, it can be hard to create that team spirit and collaborative attitude that showcases how much you appreciate your employees. So how do you show them you care? With a perfectly packaged and personalised box of treats, that’s how — either direct to your workplace or through your employees’ door. Perhaps your team have recently landed a big project or client, have had to undergo a lot of change or has persevered through these trying and testing times whilst still showing up with a smile. Whatever your reason, a Care Box can go a long way.

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