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New Additions To Our Custom Gift Boxes

We are consistently adding products to our Create A Custom Care Box range to ensure we have something for every taste, budget and occasion to add to your gift boxes!
Here are some of this months new additions
Many of our gift boxes are sent across Ireland with the intenion of letting your loved one know you're thinking of them, when you likely want to just give them a big hug. For this reason, we think the new 'Warm Hug' and 'Big Hug' candles are the perfect addition to our range. Not only does this send them a hug from afar, but it'll make their room smell fantastic too! This is a great addition to any of your gift boxes!
There is something about sitting on the couch in fluffy socks holding a hot cup of tea that is just perfection! We have brought in Luxe Fluffy Socks to help you or your loved one have that feeling delivered direct to your door in one of our gift boxes! The perfect addition to any gift box or care package to help someone stay cosy.
We all love a trending product! It is safe to say TikTok shot the silk exfoliating mit to stardom in late 2021 so we just had to have them. The Silk Mitt is an Irish company producing 100% raw silk exfoliating gloves that will have your skin glowing in no time. Add it to any custom gift boxes and get freee delivery across Ireland.
Think there is something we are missing that you would like to add to your gift boxes? Just let us know at