Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation can be so rewarding and is a fantastic way to consistently practice self care, however there can also be challenging, particularly for beginners. This is entirely normal, if not even expected, any new skill or hobby takes time to develop. If you are having difficulty finding consistency or motivation for your meditation, take inspiration from our tips to solve some of the most common obstacles to creating your favourite new habit. 

1. Be Consistent

Pick a time each day and try to stick to it. Our lives can become so hectic, if you do not allocate the time it is likely to pass you by. If on occasion you are unable to stick to that time, don't give up, treat meditation like a meeting with yourself, re-schedule for when you are next available.

2. Be Comfortable

Find a position that’s is best for you and your body. Whether it is standing, sitting or lying down allow your body to relax. Don’t be guided by stereotypes.

3. Be Rid of Expectations

Don’t anticipate all of your problems disappearing after one meditation. Learn to focus on your journey of self care and self discovery. Celebrate the small achievements, give attention to the challanges and be comfortable with the lack of perfection and immediacy of results.

4. Be Vulnerable

At times you may experience negative emotions while meditating. It is important not to judge yourself for that. Allow yourself to acknowledge and give attention to the emotions

4. Be Grateful

After your meditation, thank yourself for practising self care, be grateful for the time you had and be proud of your journey of self discovery
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