how to use a gua sha skincare tool

How to use a Gua Sha Skincare Tool

There is no doubt that Gua Sha and Chinese medicine practices have become hugely popular in recent months, primarily on the TikTok for you page. Like most, we excitedly bought our rose quartz Gua Sha, took it out of its packaging during a nighttime skin routine and then though “huh, how do you do it?” So after some research and a lot of use, we have put together a quick step by step guide on Gua Sha for beginners. 

Step by Step
1. Start with your usual cleansing routine
2. It is important not to use the Gua Sha on bare skin so apply some facial oil/cleansing oil or cleansing balm as a lubricant
3. Begin at your neck and then move upwards through the face using the motions in our image below.

4. Don’t repeat any motion more than five times
5. Always pull the tool upwards or horizontally
6. While using the Gua Sha you are stimulating blood flow through the face so it is normal to become slightly red 
7. Never use the Gua Sha with enough pressure that it hurts!

Here are some of our favourite TikTok Gua Sha tutorials:

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