What is self care?

The World Health Organisation defines self care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”, read more by clicking here. For most people, self care means prioritising you, your wellbeing, your mental and physical health to ensure you can be the best version of yourself and live your happiest life. Each individuals definition of self care and happiness can depend on your own circumstances aspirations and definition of happiness. Self care is a personal journey and should be tailored to your needs. 


What are examples of self care?

There are many forms of self care that focus on different aspects of your life and well being. The best self care routines incorporate aspects of each and focus on your needs at a specific time. Here are some examples of self care:

  • Nourish your Body, cook a healthy meal
  • Be Social, call a loved one
  • Breath, do a meditation
  • Be in Nature, go for a walk
  • Feed your Brain, learn something new
  • Rest, go to bed early
  • Sweat it Out, do a workout
  • Feel, take time to express and understand your emotions


What is a good self care routine?

Often recognising what your needs are can be the most difficult part of starting to practice self care. To make this easier, here is a list of 10 thing you can do every day to start a great self care routine:

  1. Make your bed
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Eat three full meals
  4. Take a 10 minutes to just breath
  5. Get some exercise
  6. Write down three things you are grateful for
  7. Stop rushing when there is often no need
  8. Call someone you love
  9. Stretch
  10. Go to bed early


Why is self care important?

When we look after ourselves we are better able to support those around us and live positive and fulfilling lives. Being present, meeting your own needs and recognising your emotions allows us to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, feel a sense of self-empowerment and overcome challenges we are faced with. Self care can lead us on a journey of self discovery where you will hopefully realise your own potential, beauty and strength, find peace not anxiety in the unknown and become the best version of yourself.